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Unpleasant American Common Customs When You Travel Abroad

By reading these tips, you will be surprised by some of the things that happen in America. Those things that are treated as norms and which can be seen as strange acts by other people are explained on this page.

Americans believe in tipping, and whenever you are served, you must motivate the attendant. You will be taken to be a very rude person and so ungrateful for the services that you have received where you fail to tip. The attendants in other countries do not take tipping on a light note, they will find it to be malicious, and they can end up feeling that their services were not up to standard.

It is a norm that when you are traveling in a hired cab in America, you occupy the back seat. This is not normal in other countries, and they consider it to be so invasive. In most countries, you sitting at the back of the cab shows that you are undermining the driver.

When you are out, and you have to pay the bills, it is very okay for you to share the bills and pay them separately. This behavior is unacceptable in other countries like France. It is just one person who is to pay the bills for all the group.

In some countries, it’s an offense to use the left hand even though it’s not a very big deal in the US. The left arm is perceived to be unclean since it’s used for hygienic activities in some parts of Africa and the Middle East. In such regions, avoid initiating a handshake through such a hand.

In some of the European nations, the American peace sign custom implies differently than it does when in the US. The peace sign gesture and the middle finger have no difference in meaning in some regions even though it means ‘we come in peace’ in the US.

There some societies in the globe which do not accept the use of the bull horn sigh that is a custom in the US. Just as this sign is used for fun in the US, it is not fun at all to other societies. That the wife is a cheat, is the exact meaning of this gesture when used in South America and some of the European nations.

Lastly, in America, refusing food offers is not a big deal. It may be for the reason that you are full hence you aren’t willing to eat at the particular moment. As party of the culture in Asia, refusing a food offer is disrespectful.

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